Where tomorrow takes shape.

WesTool is a full-service mold building and repair facility. We serve the automotive, heavy truck, aerospace, agriculture and marine as well as other industries.

Service and Commitment.

WesTool has an excellent staff of skilled journey persons and apprentices that can meet the needs of any project. While our most experienced people have 40+ years in the trade, our combined body of knowledge and working know-how go well beyond. We have a U.S. Department of Labor certified Apprenticeship training curriculum in both Tool and Die Making and the Machinist trades. We have old-fashioned values of quality and pride in workmanship with the most modern technology. This is not just a job; it is a unique and valuable skill.

Mold Design and Build

Complete mold design and build service as well as start-up support. Secondary support equipment, part engineering and design.

Mold Repair

Repair and Maintenance. Running repair during production as well as major restoration of mold specifications.

Engineering Changes

Part geometry alteration, reverse engineering and tooling alteration.


CNC Machining
WesTool has complete CNC capabilities. 

Planning and Organization
Experienced project management and engineering staff