WesTool designs, builds and repairs compression, injection, reaction injection (RIM) and resin transfer (RTM) mold tools as well as other types. We also build and repair secondary equipment, special machines and check gauges.

Our experience level exceeds 40 years in the trade.

New Molds and Associated Services

Complete mold design and build service and start-up support. Secondary support equipment, part engineering and design.

Mold Repair

Repair and maintenance. Running repair during production as well as major restoration of mold specifications.

Engineering Changes

Part geometry alteration, reverse engineering and tooling alteration.

CNC Machining

WesTool has complete CNC capabilities. This ensures great machining accuracy. We also have people who excel at making these machines produce at their highest efficiency.  Our machining envelope is 90 x 161 inches.

Planning & Organization

WesTool’s highly experienced project management and engineering staff will create and maintain a schedule for your complete project. Management is the keyword. We manage everything from reverse engineering to secondary and support equipment for the production of your part. We can handle your project as turnkey or as a portion of the whole. We use Microsoft Project to create schedules and monitor progress and report to you at whatever regular intervals you prefer.